Today we are studying Psalm 101:1 for our Biblical Leadership Bible Study. Learn about what it means to sing of God’s goodness and why we should always do it.


The purpose of Apphia Life Ministries, LLC is to equip millennial women to walk out their God given destiny. God created us to be fruitful in our everyday life, but it can be difficult when we see so much corruption in our society. Apphia Life is here to provide you with resources to help make understanding and sharing the gospel easier.

Apphia Life Ministries, LLC is the place for more biblical understanding and less self doubt.

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Psalm 101:1

Psalm 139:14


God, you are king. You are master. You are the ultimate creator. And because of who you are I am going to give you praise. Click To Tweet God’s goodness should always be on our lips and in our hearts. Click To Tweet We can’t allow the enemy to keep sneaking lies into our head, and keeping us from speaking of God’s goodness. Click To Tweet

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Watch the first video of the Apphia Life bible study through Psalm 101. Learn how biblical leadership means that we should sing of God's goodness.

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