Lying is something everyone has done. There are big lies. Little lies. Lies that hurt people and lies that are meant to keep others safe. Whatever the lie, it never feels good to be lied do. No matter how much we understand that, we still continue to lie. Being a woman who has lied a great deal in her short life, I have come to realize that the worst lies you can tell are when you’re lying to yourself.

I have lied to myself countless of times. I used lies as a way to validate my own self esteem issues or to stop liking a boy because I absolutely LOATHE HAVING A CRUSH!!!!! I would convince myself that I was worthless and didn’t deserve anything. I grew up allowing lies to define me… But I also grew up to learn how to discern what thoughts were lies and what thoughts where true. I learned how to not let the awful words I heard in my head to manifest into my reality.

Today I am teaching your how to stop lying to yourself

Stop Lying to yourself Tip #1- Don’t Doubt Yourself

Doubt has to be the product of Satan… Like it has to be!! Doubt sucks out the life in every person it comes into contact with. So if you want to stop lying to yourself, then you have to stop doubting yourself. Queen, you are much more capable of fulfilling your dreams that you believe.

​Like you were made in the image of God! Seriously, the God who created the universe made you in his image and made you to be his daughter. When your visions are in line with his then nothing can stop you (Philippians 4:13). When we are living out the life God wants for us then we can always ask our big brother Jesus for anything and he will give it to us (John 15:4).

But doubt pulls that promise away from us. Because of doubt we won’t abide in Jesus or in the word of God. We start to tell ourselves that what we are doing is worthless and will not be fruitful. Doubt causes you to start lying to yourself because you become fearful of failure. But you have to remember that you are unstoppable when God is by your side.

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Stop Lying to yourself Tip #2- Stop Caring About What Other People Might Think

I realize that a lot of the lies I told myself revolved around what I thought other people might think of me. I didn’t have a strong perception of self, so before I did anything drastic I first thought about how others might take the change. As a result I limited myself and didn’t go after the dreams I really wanted or test my fashion sense.

​Even though I considered myself to be an odd ball growing up, I still tried not to be too odd. I love anime! I love rock music! I love crazy and unpredictable fashion! But as a child I didn’t let that show much because I was rarely around people who would understand the little quirks that made me ME! So I told myself and said that people would never understand and appreciate my quirkiness. This lie made me adapt to my surroundings by being a docile version of the woman deep inside when I was out in public, but being the wild crazy confident woman I wanted to be in the comfort of my home.


Author: Sanley Marie

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