God's nature was revealed to me in an unexpected way. He used a car stopped in the middle of the road to show me the great love he has for me.

One Monday morning I was on my way to work. I was minding my own business going around cars that were driving below the speed limit. Then I got into some traffic… Traffic where there usually is no traffic unless it’s a major accident.

While my car is doing the stop and go dance, I saw a car in the lane closest to me going in the opposite direction. But something was peculiar about this car… It wasn’t moving. The traffic signal did several rotations of GREEN… YELLOW… RED, and this car never moved.

Cars honked and people were annoyed but this car never moved.

As I drive closer I’m praying that this person is OK. I got close enough to try to look in the car but the windows were tinted too dark for me to see anything. With my decreased visibility, it looked as if it was a man who passed out. I started freaking out and turned back as soon as I could.

I parked in front of the green Ford Focus and knock on the window, nothing happens. Knock again, still nothing. All I hear is loud Hispanic music playing.

I ran up to the car behind the Ford focus and ask the man to put down his window. Even though he tried to ignore me, I explained what was happening. But he told me that he can’t and will not help me.

I went back to the green Ford Focus and knocked again, but still all I hear is loud music.

After having people stare at me for 5 minutes, I got back into my car and drove to an abandoned gas station to call 911.

In total fifteen minutes passed and I was the only person who stopped. I, a woman of color, was the only person led to complete brokenness and stopped.

Society and cultural norms tell me that because I am a woman of African descent I am the lowest of the lows. My opinion doesn’t matter, nor does my worth. Yet those perceived with having more moral excellence than I didn’t stop to help.

This experience broke my heart because I could find no good Samaritan. No one was willing to have their life and busy schedule inconvenience. As I drive off, instead of thinking how late I was for work I was crying and praying for the person in the green Ford Focus. I was asking for God to keep the person safe, hoping it wasn’t a suicide.


Then it hit me. The same way I acted for the person in the car, Jesus acted that way for me. For someone I know nothing about, I gave them so much value… so much worth to the point that I had to do something to help.

How do you think God acts for us every single moment of our lives. God formed us. He knows the innermost parts of our being. He knows everything that makes us tick.

God shows no delay in our time of need. He is swift to come to the rescue.

The way society views me is the same way many of us view God. We can sometimes place his value below everything in our lives when we allow sin to overtake us.

But God doesn’t allow our false perceptions of him to direct his actions.

Isn’t that wonderful! I’ll repeat myself if you didn’t catch the severity of this fact.

Our perception of God does not direct his actions!!

That means, no matter what we think of God, he will continue to be God. He will continue to be miraculous. He will continue to be amazing. He will continue to be just. And he will continue to be loving.

God’s actions towards us will remain just and loving. When others become annoyed with the issues that plague our lives, God will come running. When people abandon us, God will come running.

God is never too far from us and doesn’t desire to be far from us. God showed us that he is chasing after us by becoming flesh. He subjected himself to the limitations of the flesh so that we are not limited by sin.

Author: Sanley Marie

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4 thoughts on “How a Green Ford Focus Revealed God’s Nature To Me

  1. What a beautiful and well-written post! I applaud you for stopping to help when no one else would. You were the good Samaritan! I hope someone like you is around if I ever get in trouble. Praying God’s blessings on you, and the person in the green Ford Focus.

    Posted on March 24, 2016 at 7:48 PM
    1. Thank you. I trust that one day, a lot more people will decide to stop and help those in need. Even when they are being inconvenienced.

      Posted on March 30, 2016 at 6:10 PM
  2. This is such a wonderful story!! You have a great writing style, and I love the free printable!

    Posted on March 25, 2016 at 9:56 AM
    1. Thank you!!

      I’m so glad you love the printable.

      Posted on March 30, 2016 at 6:12 PM