I haven’t created a prayer calendar for our community in such a long time. The last time I made one you all seemed to really like it, so I decided to make one for August.

Starting August 1, 2017 as a community of sisters we will be praying for your ourselves and God’s plan for us. For an entire month we are going to take at least 5 minutes to talk to God about our desires and how we want to be used for his Kingdom.

I am the first to raise my hand in guilt when asked if I pray for myself. I really don’t because I feel like other people’s needs are more valid and urgent than my own. How many of you feel that same way?

Well for the months of August we are saying no more. We are going to place our hearts and wellbeing at the feet of Jesus. He are not going to diminish our calling and our desires and call it being humble. No! We are going to be bold this month and declare what God has for us. For the month of August we are going to allow our personal prayers to go before God.

You can download a copy of the prayer calendar by signing up to receive Apphia Life emails. In our email community you will receive devotionals and amazing freebies to help you find your worth in Christ. You will also automatically receive all future prayer calendars so you don’t have to remember to visit to download.

I hate excessive emails just as much as the next woman, so we will only email you when we have something that we know will love.


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All Done!

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Author: Sanley Marie

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