Father to the fatherless, defender of widows— this is God, whose dwelling is holy.

– Psalm 68:5 NLT



Fatherlessness sucks!

Simply put, it just sucks.

There is a strength that comes with having a father in the household. And when he is missing the home in incomplete.

But there is a God who has chosen to take the position of Father. God has chosen to be the head of his household. And as a father, God will always go ahead of us and will lay down his life for your protection. God is our protector, he is our mighty shield. Our earthly fathers may have fallen short of what we expected a father to be like, but God is a perfect father. He will never fall short of our expectations, but will always exceed them. Our natural fathers may have failed at protecting us from the physical and emotional harm of others. But God will protect our hearts. God longs to be close to us and he will guard us. He will guard our hearts from the darkness of the world.

God knows the power and influence that comes with having a father. And God knows the brokenness that results when a father is not around. Only God can heal the shattered heart of a fatherless child. And only God can ease the sense of abandonment.

God is the ultimate comforter. He wishes to comfort those whose earthly fathers were absent from the picture. He wants to care for those whose fathers did not properly fill the role of fatherhood. God chose us to be his children, and we have the ability to choose God to be our father. When we allow God to take on the role of a father in our lives,  many things will change in our lives because God’s dwelling is holy.

That simply means that where ever God resides it is pure. As children of God, we live under that authority of his household. We find our shelter in his household. Because God is holy and his dwelling is holy, then sin cannot survive in his presence. Living in God’s household means that the effects of our father’s lack will no longer have a hold over us. Because God’s dwelling is pure, we no longer have to not trust men. Because God’s dwelling is pure, we no longer have to fear how our life after marriage may look like. Because God’s dwelling is pure, we no longer have to question the love of those around us.

We have to make the choice of whether or not we will dwell with God in his household.

Will you allow God to take his rightful position as father?… Or will you allow your feelings towards your earthly father to thwart the goodness of God in your heart.

God is such a wonderful father. He is not like our earthly fathers, and will never leave us!

Author: Sanley Marie

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