Want to know the best method on how to read the new testament in exactly one year?????

This is the absolute best method to reading the new testament in one year. And so encouraging.

Well the answer is to join a community of other believers and do it together.

As independent women, we tend to well… always want to be independent, even when it comes to our faith. Being strong independent woman is not a bad thing, but it should not get in the way of our relationship with God and with others.

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I love that God never had¬†Jesus as his best kept secret. From the beginning God was telling us that he was going to send someone to redeem us. From the beginning God had a plan for our salvation! To celebrate Christmas this year I want to share these 5 awesome old testament prophecies about Jesus. I love them, and I’m sure you will love them too.

This is an awesome infographic! Definitely provides great scriptures detailing the old testament prophecies about Jesus.

Isaiah 7:14

Our savior was to be born from a virgin!

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A lot of the times, we are are worst enemy!

Too many times in our lives we put ourselves down because we feel incompetent. We can dwell on our faux pas, replaying the words of the enemy to ourselves over and over again.

But this is not where we should be! God did not design us to be a creation that is always questioning the craftsmanship of the creator. So here are 4 tips to help you to stop putting yourself down.

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Our plans are never final. No matter what we may believe and no matter how much work we put into something. There will always be some type of variable in what we want to do. We have to learn to be ok with that variable. We have to be ok with the variable that can change our entire outcome. We have to be ok with God changing our plans so that they become his plans.

The mind is a dangerous place sometimes. It is a place of solitude. It is a place where most people don’t understand. Our mind is the place where we can create dreams or live out nightmares. The enemy knows the power of the mind and will use it as a way to debilitate us. We need to take every single thought captive.

Our spiritual leaders mean so much to us, so it makes sense that we rely on them so much. But the deep respect we have for them can lead to us having many misconceptions about our church leaders. Here are 5 common assumptions we make about our spiritual leaders, that we need to stop immediately.

But there is a God who has chosen to take the position of Father. God has chosen to be the head of his household. And as a father, God will always go ahead of us and will lay down his life for your protection.

I was once told I wasn’t desirable because I was a “good girl.”

I could have been sad. I could have let his words put me into an emotional depression. But I didn’t.

I didn’t allow his words to control my state of being. Nor was I going to fault or hate him because of his definition of manhood came from the conditioning of a sinful society. The world tells him the more women he has sex with, the manlier he becomes.

Our God is so marvelous and great. From the beginning of his ministry, Jesus was healing. Jesus built his reputation up as the person to go to when we need healing from the ailments of life. That’s why so many people brought the sick to him.