Today we are studying Psalm 101:1 for our Biblical Leadership Bible Study. Learn about what it means to sing of God’s goodness and why we should always do it.


The purpose of Apphia Life Ministries, LLC is to equip millennial women to walk out their God given destiny. God created us to be fruitful in our everyday life, but it can be difficult when we see so much corruption in our society.

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Join the Apphia Life community in an amazing bible study on Biblical Leadership. The study is through Psalm 101. Today we are studying verse 1.

Using this bible study, in 16 days you will fully understand what biblical leadership looks like and how you can live out your life the way God desires. The Psalm 101 bible study is broken down in such a way that you will gain amazing understanding of the word of God.

When we accepted Christ it meant that we were adopted into God’s family. By telling Jesus that his sacrifice was not in vain and we acknowledge every painful moment of the exchange we made it official that we wanted God to be our father.

Here are 25 amazing quotes and verses all about self love and self worth. Pick your favorites and write them on a notecard that you can carry around with you.

Download the August 2017 Apphia Life prayer calendar. This month we are taking the time to pray for ourselves and our purpose in God’s Kingdom.