As time passes on, I’m beginning to realize that my 26 year old self is becoming an adult!

I can remember when I was in middle, school wishing for adulthood to come quickly so I can do adult things. Little did I know that those adult things I wanted so badly to be involved with where the things that make me hate being an adult.

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At that age, I didn’t know what the true meaning of paying bills were. The only thing I had to worry about was using the money my mom and dad gave me to pay tithe. Everything I needed was given to me when I was a child, now I have to work for it.

I didn’t know what the true meaning of having to have a job to pay for necessities were, until I was placed in a position where my mother couldn’t help me anymore.

Though I have officially been an adult for a few years now, I don’t really feel like I’m doing such a great job at it. Adulthood it difficult and stressful.

I’m at the age where my life should be figured out….. or at least I feel like I should have a clear path as to where I should go.

At 15 years old, I did have my path. I was going to be married at 21. Children at age 25. A doctor at age 30. Practice medicine for a few years and then retire. That was the life I worked towards for the majority of my childhood entering adulthood.

But God had other plans: To be single at 26. Have children when He deems the time perfect. Follow a career where His kingdom is advanced. And possibly never officially retire because my work may never be done.

Being an adult sucks because of all the unknowns.

Being an adult sucks because the world is ruled by money.

Being an adult sucks because we are all so close to losing everything we’ve worked for.

Being an adult sucks because our minds are so consumed with everything going on around us that we don’t notice the people we impact.

Being an adult sucks because with the growth of social media we are comparing ourselves more with our “more successful” counterparts.

But being an adult doesn’t have to suck. God doesn’t have us growing older just to look back and yearn for our more youthful years.

With age comes maturity and a better understanding of God. With age comes the ability to go out and have a great nights with friends. With age comes love and heartache. With age, our desires change.

When we think beyond the stress of adulthood, we are able to see how much of a blessing it is.

So tell me what your thoughts on adulthood are so far? If they aren’t positive, how can you change your mindset to think about the better aspects of being an adult?

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Author: Sanley Marie

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