He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Most gladly therefore I will rather glory in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest on me.
2 Corinthians 12:9 WEB

God's grace is always sufficient. In anything we face God grace is enough to get us out. Here are 7 totally awesome reasons why God's grade is always sufficient.

We all have moments when we are weak and feel as though we can not continue. Sometimes it might seem as though we can’t do anything right because everything is crashing down. It is hard, I know it’s hard . We have to realize that God’s grace is always going to be sufficient for us. So here are 7 wonderful reasons why God’s grace will always be sufficient for our situations.

Reason 1: God’s grace bought our freedom

God’s grace bought our freedom which means that we are no longer slaves to sin. No matter what the enemy says we are not his slave, we are not his minions. We are children of God because his grace is sufficient for us. His grace is what keeps us out of bondage. God’s grace is what has given us the strength to say no to the world’s immense darkness.

According to Romans 6 verse 22 we become free of sin . Sin has no hold over us or our lives. Instead of being slaves to the enemy we are now slaves to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now God is the one who orders our steps. He tells us where to go, what to do, and how to do it. We are his messengers and his alone.

We are no longer stuck in our mess and our chains have all falling off, because Jesus paid the price.

Reason 2: God’s grace has made us a new creation.

Not only did Jesus pay the price of our sin, but God’s grace has made us completely new. God’s grace allows us to become a new creation so we are no longer known by our sinful pass, but as the woman God has created us to be.

We have the same body but we have a new mindset. Our minds are no longer controlled by sin and by the pleasures of this world. But now our mind is directed by the calling God has placed over us. We are now called to holiness and perfection. A state only obtainable through the work of Jesus Christ.

Reason 3: God’s grace is a gift of love

God’s grace is sufficient because it is a gift of love. It is an agape love. A sacrificial love. He gave himself so that we can be free. Even though he knew that we will turn our backs against him, he still sacrificed himself for us.

God is longsuffering. That simply means that even though he has all authority to punish us for what we do, he still endures all the suffering for us.

Reason 4: God’s grace allows us access to him

God is not a distant God. He desires to be with us and for us to be with him. Why else would he had made a plan from the very beginning to have us come back to him.

God is always with us. Even if we feel like we’re alone, we never are. In our pain and in our discomfort God is there. He may not be speaking, but he is watching. He’s waiting for us to make the initiative to look towards him.

Reason 5: God’s grace is what paved the way for our Salvation

There was always a plan for redemption. Even from the beginning, before God created man he had a plan. He knew Adam and Eve would disobey and take the fruit. He knew they will be deceived. But God is so loving that he didn’t allow that to stop him from creating us. God allowed for us to have free will, and made a way for those who wanted him to be near to him.

Since before we were born God wanted to spend eternity with us . That’s amazing. It’s astonishing that the God of the universe wants to be with us, though we were lowly and sinful creatures.

Reason 6: God’s grace allows for Second Chances

How many of us need a second chance? I know I do. I’ve done so many horrible things in my life that I barely can forgive myself, but God forgives me. And he forgives you too. Don’t feel as though you’ve done so many bad things that you are too far away from God. Remember, God bridged the gap between us and him.

How is the one who is able to forgive us of our sins. He’s the only one who can remove our sin from us so that way we no longer have to identify with what we were. The second chances allow for us to grow, improve, and make better decisions in the future. What we learn from those second chances is what we teach others.

Even though God is holy, he meets us in our sin through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Reason 7: God’s grace is sufficient because all our needs are met

As children of God we lack no good thing. God would never withhold anything that he deems worthy from us. Everything that we have is because of God. Everything we don’t have is also from God. He would not allow for us to receive a gift that isn’t really a gift.

We still will receive the consequences of our actions, but God will help us out of our sticky situations. We don’t have to fear what is to come. In anything we may need, God will be enough.

God's grace is always sufficient. In anything we face God grace is enough to get us out. Here are 7 totally awesome reasons why God's grade is always sufficient.

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