I love that God never had Jesus as his best kept secret. From the beginning God was telling us that he was going to send someone to redeem us. From the beginning God had a plan for our salvation! To celebrate Christmas this year I want to share these 5 awesome old testament prophecies about Jesus. I love them, and I’m sure you will love them too.

This is an awesome infographic! Definitely provides great scriptures detailing the old testament prophecies about Jesus.

Isaiah 7:14

Our savior was to be born from a virgin! Like how crazy is that?! No one would believe that a teenage virgin would have a baby, especially since she was engaged to be married. But our God works in the impossibles. He defied the laws of nature to have a virgin carry a child that is both God and Man. In  this vulnerable form, the two natures of Jesus did not mix. His deity was not limited by his humanity.

Isaiah 61:1

Jesus came to fix out hearts! Jesus came to heal our pain! Jesus came to set us free from sin, shame, and eternal separation from God. Oh WOW!! I just love this!

Hosea 11:1

The birth of Jesus threatened King Herod and Joseph had to make a quick decision for his family. He listened to the angle of God and brought them to Egypt so that the new born Jesus would be safe from the massacre. The moment King Herod died, the family was safe and God called his son out of Egypt.

I find it so ironic that the people of God fled Egypt because of persecution and slavery, but God had his only son flee to Egypt for safety. Just shows that God can use any situation for his glory, even if it’s past is a dark one.

Psalm 78:2-3

Jesus always spoke in parables. It’s like he never wanted to give anyone a clear answer, but wanted them to think about the solution. I believe Jesus wanted us to be thinkers. He didn’t want us to regurgitate religious talk, but to actually think about what we believe and understand it from a different perspective and wording.

Isaiah 53:5

It is so amazing that Jesus paid the price for us. He died the death we should have died. Jesus redeemed us from our past. We are not bound by sin!!

Did you love these 5 old testament prophecies about Jesus? I hope you did. Comment below what your favorite prophecy was.

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