Reading the Bible can be a very hard task for newbie Christians. Sometimes you don’t know where to start or how to even read the Bible. But don’t fret Queen. I have 5 of the best tips that will get you ready to start reading your Bible like a pro.

Reading the bible can be really hard, especially when you're a new Christian. Here are some helpful tips to make it easier.

Tip 1: Get an Easy-to-Read Bible translation

When I started reading the Bible I was reading the new Kings James version. I quickly learned that that was a hard version to read. It has a bunch of “thee” and “thou” and “shalt” and very old English terminology that I wasn’t getting. So if you really want to understand what you’re reading you need to get a Bible that speaks your language. I personally like the New Living Translation and the English Standard Version . The Message Version is also ok, but it’s not my favorite because it’s just paraphrasing the word of God.

And you should also use different translations as you’re reading. It’s good to look at what different bibles are saying in the same scripture passage, so that way you’re able to compare what is being said and fully understand the word of God. The YouVersion bible app is good to use if you want to compare Bible translations.

Tip 2: Always start with prayer

To understand the Bible more clearly you need to start with prayer. It is your time to talk with God and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal himself to you. Never start on your own will because it will be harder to tap into the presence of God.

You should also allow yourself to be open to hear God’s voice or any conviction. You need to do this so that way you can grow as a Christian, and then allow God to ultimately use you to grow other Christians.

Tip 3: Get a devotional

Getting a devotional will really help you to understand the Bible clearly. It is a tool that will guide your scripture reading. Someone else has done all of the work of compiling relevant scriptures for you. All you have to do is be open to allow the Holy Spirit to work on your heart in that moment.

Devotionals also allows you to get someone else’s perspective on a particular topic. Sometimes we may not be well-versed in what we are studying, so it’s always a great idea to get additional insight from people who actually are. They study the word in such a way that God has confidence in their ability to teach us.

Tip 4: Remember to take notes

To have an effective time reading your Bible you have to take notes. Circle and underline words that pop out to you. And write things in the margins. Write the definitions of these words or what God is telling you in the moment. Also keep a bible study journal handy. That will give you much more space to write down everything God is teaching you through the scripture. You can also get a special stack of pens, pencils, and highlighters dedicated to your bible study time.

Tip 5: End with Reflect

The final tip to having an effective time studying the Bible is to reflect on what you just read. You have to think about how can you apply the word to your life. And it can’t be ambiguous either. The way you apply the word has to be very specific to your life and what your needs are.

The reflection doesn’t have to be a deep philosophical awakening either. Just make small applicable steps that will take you to where you desire to be.

Reading the bible can be really hard, especially when you're a new Christian. Here are some helpful tips to make it easier.

Author: Sanley Marie

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