Here are 4 Self Love Myths Debunked

​When the words “self love” come to you mind, you may be have a few different images come up. Some pleasant, and some look more like a nuisance. Today we are going to discuss 4 self love myths that everyone needs to stop believing this year… what ever year you end up reading this in.

Myth #1 – Self love is all about being a narcissist.

Some people associate self love with an excessive sense of loving your self. This is far from the truth which is why I included it in this list of dreadful self love myths. Self love has nothing to do with being in love with yourself that you disregard others. But self love is totally rooted in the idea of loving yourself for who God intended you to be and doing everything you can to be a better version of yourself.

Those who correctly practice self love are not being selfish, they are merely expressing the type of love they want others to show them. This woman is making herself the priority in her life because she can’t love others if she doesn’t love herself first.

Myth #2 – Self love is a worldly concept that has no place in the church. (One of the worst self love myths)

Some people think that self love is a worldly concept. But my question to them is “If God loves us, why can’t we love ourselves?​” I understand where this self love myth comes from. There is the belief that self love means that we must love ourselves more than we love God. It’s like we are allowing ourselves to become the God of our lives.

But when Christian women practice true self love it becomes a representation of how God views us. We become aware of who we are in Christ and through acts of self love we begin to appreciate who we were made to be. Self love allows us to learn that our mistakes do not define us because we can find our true selves in God.

Myth #3 – Self love means you always have to be happy.

It is totally false that once you start practicing self love you always have to be happy. Yes, self love is one of many means to happiness, but you don’t have to be happy 24/7. Things are going to happen in this world that are going to upset you. Self love is not a force field that is going to shield you from pain.

You are getting prepared for the hurdles in life when you are loving yourself. No matter what heart ache comes your way, you will be able to face it head on and not allow the pain to change your demeanor. You have taught yourself to love who God has made you to be no matter what comes your way.

Self love is putting deposits into your joy account. Happiness is just a feeling that can change from day to day, heck even minute to minute. But God wants us to be joyful, which is a way of life. People can take away your happiness, but your sense of joy will last even through pain.

Myth #4 – Self love is all about pampering yourself.

(One of the self love myths I really dislike)

This has got to be my least favorite self love myths. It completely gets the idea of self love wrong. Self love is not about pampering yourself and doing physical things just to make you happy; it is so much more complex and in depth. Self love is about knowing your true self and loving who you are no matter what. Self-love means that whatever happens in your life or however people view you, you remain joyful and optimistic.

​Self love is about going out and helping other people love themselves as well. ​It’s not all about us. Self love is the least selfish thing I can think of. We aren’t making everything all about us, but we also aren’t allowing other people to destroy our spirit.

Self love should not be defined by the myths

Self love myths should never define what self love is. Don’t be afraid to love yourself the way God does because of the many lies you have heard about what self love is. Instead, start taking the steps to loving yourself.

Author: Sanley Marie

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