Low Self-Esteem, A Life Killer

​Low self-esteem has the ability to infiltrate any life, whether or not you are a christian woman. Low self-esteem is a strong force and can destroy lives. Here are 3 ways that low self-esteem has the potential to ruin your life. Plus you get to see how it almost ruined mine.

Low Self-Esteem strains friendships and relationships.

I can name a few relationships my low self-esteem has ruined. Picture being the short fat dark black girl who had the tall athletic best friend who was liked by every guy the both of you were ever around. Well that was me…. the short fat girl.

​Well I never felt pretty growing up and can remember specific moments in my life when I was put on the back burner because I wasn’t as pretty as the other girls around me. My childhood experiences shaped my life and my low self-esteem pushed me to becoming a loner. It was easier for me to pretend that I didn’t like people than to acknowledge that I couldn’t keep long-term relationships.

​Low self-esteem strains relationships because we might compare ourselves to those we are trying to build the relationship with. Low self-esteem also tells us that other people don’t really want to be our friend because we have nothing to other them. This has been the story for the majority of my life.

Low Self-Esteem can make you believe other people’s lies

Low self-esteem has a way of making us believe the lies people tell us. Their thoughts and beliefs begin to become our own. When I was in college, there was the guy tried talking to me with the hopes of being more than just friends. Well one day he walked me to my apartment and I don’t him that I wasn’t ready to be in any type of romantic relationship. I explained to him how much I would rather build on my relationship with God and truly love God before I started dating.

This guy knew a little something about the bible and started to use scripture as a way to deter me from my own desires. Because of my own low self-esteem I began to believe what he said. Even though I knew what I wanted, I started to doubt my decision because what he said made sense at the time. He made it as though I shouldn’t be waiting around because no man is going to come looking for me.

I later came to find out that even though this guy could quote the word of God he wasn’t living the word of God. My low self-esteem almost caused me to go down a path trying to find comfort in the arms of a man when all I wanted was to knew who my heavenly father is.

Low Self-Esteem has you constantly running on empty

When you have low self-esteem more than likely you are running around looking for people to fill you up. But you also might not know that you are asking for people to fill your cup. Think about the last time you bought an outfit or changed your hair color. Was you first thought about how someone else might either like or dislike the new look? See that an example of looking for someone to fill your cup.

Because of low self-esteem we are in constant search of validation, which breads fear of being who we really want to be. We don’t allow ourselves to express who we really are and walk around as merely a shell of the woman God wants us to be. Instead of being our authentic self, we run around trying to be someone we think others might find more appealing. Being a woman of low self-esteem means that we are doing everything and anything to please others at all times.


Author: Sanley Marie

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